An Interesting Year

Best Foot Forward

After 25 years in business, these last few years have been difficult but hopefully the country has turned a corner and we are back to growing the economy and our businesses.

This last year the Cyclone Group have been working towards the recovery, redeveloping existing websites, creating new related businesses and investing in our online presence using social media, the  web as well as Google Adwords for PPC and Video Advertising.

Cyclone Group Website  Cyclone Shredding 
 2Flow Ireland  2Flow North America

Over the last 12 to 15 months we have developed a number of new sites, we have updated our group site and we have plans to redevelop our Click a Courier site.

We have had a strong focus on Google this year, optimising our websites, paid advertising and Google+ have all had a positive contribution to our web presence this year.

Google+ added "vanity" addresses recently so you can see our  Google+ pages at the following locations

So as 2013 draws to a close and 2014 looms, we're hoping to finish the year better than last year and kick off next year in style. Our logistics offering has been developed throughout 2013 and we hope to see strong growth in that sector in 2014. We see supporting e commerce businesses as an area we can use to continue to grow.
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