Hard Drive Shredding vs Degaussing



On Site Hard Drive Shredding Versus On Site Degaussing as a Data Sensitisation Tool.

By Mark Browne, Cyclone Shredding – December, 2013

Both hard drive shredding and degaussing are viewed as effective methods of data sanitisation where computer hard drives and media tapes are concerned. Both solutions will meet with outside auditor requirements for disposing of digitally stored information.  The choice of approach is entirely an internal decision based upon data security preferences, economics and the available options.

 In this article we will compare the two processes.

Shredding = FROM THIS




On Site Hard Drive Shredding: The Details.

On site shredding occurs in a mobile shredding truck parked outside your facility.  It is fast becoming the default preference for reasons of transparency. For security reasons it is recommended that an employee supervises this process and witnesses the destruction activity.  Mobile hard drive shredders can shred several hundred tapes/drives per hour. Hard drives are fed directly into the shredder where they pass through shredding blades and are shredded into small shredded particles. There is no possibility that information can be retrieved from a shredded computer hard drive or tape. The shredded particles must be disposed of in an environmentally appropriate manner. On site hard drive shredding leaves no doubt that all data has been destroyed and includes the disposal of the shredded material.  The primary reason on site shredding is not commonly used is economic but the cost of onsite hard drive shredding has come down significantly in recent years and is now increasingly common.  


               Degaussing: From This                                       To This.

                                                     No Noticeable Difference.

Degaussing: What it does and how it works;

Degaussing machines are small magnetic devises. The process of degaussing a drive/tape takes roughly 1-2 minutes. Insist that the degaussing process is performed within your facility and thus your control.  It is hugely important that degaussed hard drives are tagged as “processed” because a degaussed hard drive looks exactly the same as a non degaussed hard drive.  There is no simple or inexpensive way to test the efficacy of the degaussing process other than regularly testing. It is generally accepted that degaussing is effective provided that each drive/tape is processed properly and tested afterward. The main concern is that a tape could slip through without being processed which is the primary reason why degaussing is falling out of favor.

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8 Tips to help you improve your company’s document security

 8 Tips to help you improve your company’s document security.


Cyclone Shredding are experts in document, information and product destruction services. We offer customers a certified information destruction service and guidance to all types of organisations to help ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.

The following 8 tips are designed to help protect your organisation's data and information. This in turn should help protect your business reputation and avoid an unnecessary data security breach which are becoming increasing frequent and are very costly to businesses when they occur.

1.      Destroy data properly – Securely shred all confidential data. Arrange for a reputable contractor to securely destroy your business information. Onsite shredding is regarded as the most secure way to destroy confidential files.

2.     Check your shredding provider – What do you know about the company who you trust to shred your confidential files. Do they have a good reputation? Have they got a proven track record and is there evidence that there may be flaws in their processes? Did you search on-line for negative articles and news stories? You may be surprised who the cowboys are.

3.     Make sure you have an audit trail – Does your provider certify the Destruction of all shredding work carried out. Insisting on a Certificate of Destruction leaves you with a permanent record of the destruction taking place.

4.     Check identities & Paperwork – use credit reference agencies to verify the identity of your preferred suppliers and ask for a copy of their waste collection permit. A waste collection permit is essential for all companies offering confidential shredding services.

5.     Create a confidential data policy – if you don’t have one in place you are already in the high risk category for being a victim of data theft. 

6.     Store data securely in your offices – use lockable shredding containers and bins to store your confidential waste in when it's on your site. A large proportion of data theft is committed by employees.

7.     Train & Inform staff – train staff, and contractors such as cleaners, on how to deal with confidential data properly and monitor their behaviour. Remember, most fraud is committed by people who work within the organisation.

8.       Be weary of carrying large amounts of unnecessary confidential data – Purge outdated files at regular intervals. If documents no longer need to be stored they should be securely destroyed. Once destroyed they pose no risk to your organisation.

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Cyclone Shredding Hard Drive Destruction



Deleting or degaussing data from end of life hard drives is not enough. The only way to be certain that information stored on a computer hard drive or any other media storage device is to securely and completely destroy the item.

A recent study by Which? Computing magazine concluded that the only way to stop fraudsters stealing information from old computer hard drives is by completely destroying them. At Cyclone Shredding that is precisely what we do for hundreds of valued clients.

Call us today on 1800 30 30 66. A certificate of destruction will be issued on completion of each job.

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Shredding helps prevent identity theft

Shredding helps prevent identity theft.


Identity theft is a serious crime, and a crime that is on the rise in Ireland.

Both individuals and companies can take some simple measures to ensure that they do not expose themselves to unnecessary risks.


Identity theft happens, when someone steals your personal or company information and uses it without your permission. It is a serious crime that will wreak havoc with finances, credit history, reputation, and takes time, money, and a lot of patience to resolve.

 To prevent identity theft;


·         Don’t put documents with personal or company information in your green recycling bin, even if you think the information is old or useless.

·         Before you destroy documentation ensure that you will not need that information in the future, be especially careful with financial, tax, and legal documentation.

·         There are laws that govern the time you must retain certain documents. Ask your accountant, banker, or solicitor for advice on retention periods.

·         Make sure that you shred documents when you no longer need them.

·         Keep confidential paperwork out of the rubbish bin.


Always be mindful that paper comes from trees, trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide us with clean air, as well as resource for us to enjoy and for wildlife to live in. Recycling shredded paper is worth the effort.


If you outsource your confidential shredding requirements, please consider Cyclone Shredding. Cyclone Shredding offer a range of confidential shredding options at reasonable prices. Cyclone Shredding has a proven and unblemished track record and are trusted by thousands of companies & individuals across the Island of Ireland to confidentially destroy confidential paperwork.


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Irish Youth Foundation's Annual Bloomsday Messenger Bike Rally & Lunch

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Friday 15th June and the Heavens were pouring over Dublin City, but that didn’t deter the Joycean Dressed enthusiasts who were aboard their rothar’s in full force for the Annual Bloomsday Messenger Bike Rally and Lunch in aid of the very deserving Irish Youth Foundation.

Now in it’s 19th year, The annual Bloomsday Messenger Bike Rally & Lunch raises much needed funds for youth community and voluntary groups throughout the country, who work to create positive differences in the lives of children and young people facing adversity. 

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