Reasons to Shred


If you hate your office shredder you'll love us!

Shredding your company's sensitive information is more than simply a good business practice - it’s the law.

Data protection laws have been created to hold companies to account when confidential employee or customer information is not protected and disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Any private or public company that maintains personal consumer information or utilizes consumer reports, payroll, financial statements, or health records are now legally obligated to ensure their confidential data is disposed of in such away that safeguards.

At Cyclone Shredding, primary objective is the secure destruction of your confidential documents and ultimately the protection of your business.

While shredding protects the identity of your clients, product shredding protects the identity of your brand. The resale of discarded products has become commonplace, and your companies’ image and identity is at risk when its products are resold by counterfeiters. Carelessly discarded packaging materials also pose a threat to your company, as unethical third parties can fill your packaging materials with a sub par product and resell it, destroying your brand.

Your company could be liable if a consumer is adversely affected by any product sold in your packaging, whether or not the product inside is yours.

The safest, most environmentally sustainable way to discard of unused products and packaging is to have them shredded by Cyclone Shredding.

We can destroy any product, and with our commitment to environmental preservation driving our search for innovative recycling solutions, we guarantee that if there is a way to recycle the product we destroyed, we’ll find it.
Protect your clients, your company, and your brand by utilizing the shredding services available at Cyclone Shredding.

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