Growing Our Shredding Services

More Shredding Trucks for 2012

Cyclone Shredding celebrates growth with the purchase of a brand new mobile shredding truck. 2011, while a challenging year has been a year worthy of celebration at Cyclone Shredding.

In the 7 years since we started the business we have had great sucess convincing business and government bodies that Cyclone Shredding are the best of the available options in the Irish market place.

As a result we have won serveral large government & private contracts and as a result have invested in our third state of the art mobile shredding truck.

Our machine of choice is the Shred-tech gt25 which is the most technologically advanced mobile shredding equipment available in the global market. All of our mobile shredding trucks come equipped with cctv cameras which allow our customers watch the document destruction process as it happens. Our machines are also filled with calibrated weighing systems which allow us feed back accurate information on volume to our valued customers.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers who value a job well done. We will continue to invest in our equipment and personnel to ensure that you have no better choice in the Irish marketplace than Cyclone Shredding.

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