Shredding helps prevent identity theft

Shredding helps prevent identity theft.


Identity theft is a serious crime, and a crime that is on the rise in Ireland.

Both individuals and companies can take some simple measures to ensure that they do not expose themselves to unnecessary risks.


Identity theft happens, when someone steals your personal or company information and uses it without your permission. It is a serious crime that will wreak havoc with finances, credit history, reputation, and takes time, money, and a lot of patience to resolve.

 To prevent identity theft;


·         Don’t put documents with personal or company information in your green recycling bin, even if you think the information is old or useless.

·         Before you destroy documentation ensure that you will not need that information in the future, be especially careful with financial, tax, and legal documentation.

·         There are laws that govern the time you must retain certain documents. Ask your accountant, banker, or solicitor for advice on retention periods.

·         Make sure that you shred documents when you no longer need them.

·         Keep confidential paperwork out of the rubbish bin.


Always be mindful that paper comes from trees, trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide us with clean air, as well as resource for us to enjoy and for wildlife to live in. Recycling shredded paper is worth the effort.


If you outsource your confidential shredding requirements, please consider Cyclone Shredding. Cyclone Shredding offer a range of confidential shredding options at reasonable prices. Cyclone Shredding has a proven and unblemished track record and are trusted by thousands of companies & individuals across the Island of Ireland to confidentially destroy confidential paperwork.


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