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For some time we had been aware that a very large and important segment of the courier market had largely been ignored. Courier firms tended to target companies who operated on a large scale contract basis. Nobody really cared about smaller firms or people who simply needed a delivery from time to time – nobody except us.

We decided that we would provide a solution for the many people who wanted a reliable service without the administration associated with operating a credit account. So, in February 2011, we launched a new website called Our goal was to create a fast, dependable service where customers could book & pay online. In addition customers would receive a VAT receipt and confirmation of delivery without having to make a single phone call. The system would treat every customer the same – whether large or small.

Originally launched as a Dublin only service, by August 2011 we had added a full next day Nationwide delivery and collection option. With Dublin delivery prices starting for as little as €4.00 and Nationwide for as little as €12.99 we feel this represents great value. 

Reliability at a price you can afford.


See below for some Click a Courier Testimonials

"Click a Courier is the service we were hoping somebody would invent.  It is fast, simple and the costs are completely transparent.  More than once now
the courier has knocked on the door within minutes of us hitting the "submit" button and you find yourself wondering "How did they manage that?"

Tom Burke,
Areaman Productions

“I just used clickacourier for the first time last week and honestly the service experience just blew me away. The package arrived on time and there is no account needed with means no bills either, which is always nice. I would genuinely recommend them.”
Geoff Fitzpatrick
Lucid Media ltd

“As someone who prefers to speak with a human voice when booking couriers etc, I was a little reticent about using an online service but I needed a courier in a hurry and used I was pleasantly surprised by the easy to navigate site and I made my booking in a matter of moments with the courier arriving very promptly afterwards. I have used on several occasions since then and on each occasion received an excellent service. provides a top class service and is by far the best courier service my company has ever used. I can heartily recommend them to anyone.”

Maxine Payne
Managing Director
Realm Communications Ltd.

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