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Going that Extra Step


Here at Cyclone we have been in the courier business for 24 years, we started out as the first push-bike courier service in Dublin.  We now have national and international courier sevices as well as the first online, pre-pay courier service, which we feel will be of particular value to small and startup companies.

Our logistical services are growing, such that we hope to announce a service aimed specifically at online startups and ecommerce sites.  But just a quick mention of our value add services in the courier area.

We offer:

  • Postal Collection Service - we can collect your post from the sorting office and have it on your desk by 8:30 a.m.
  • Pre-Booking - we can pre-book your deliveries for the next day week or even month.
  • Waterproof Bags - our waterproof courier bags are designed to ensure all deliveries are received in perfect condition. Contact us for a free supply.
  • Insurance - we provide standard liability insurance of €65.00 for every consignment we deliver.
  • Courier Record Sheets - This are log sheets we provide so that you can keep your own record of the courier jobs you order.

Joe Pleass

Cyclone Couriers


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