25 Years in Business

The story so far.

25 years ago three people decided that Dublin couldn't survive any longer without a cycle courier company. Cyclone was conceived and lived it’s early years in a back lane off Lower Mount Street which at the time was the hub for most of the companies associated with Advertising, Marketing and PR. It was 1988 and the founders hadn’t realised that they were starting a fledgling business in a recession. But it was just 3 people on bicycles eking out a living.

(Very) Fast forward to 2013 and a vastly different Cyclone looks back and wonders what happened to the intervening 25 years. Cyclone has grown up a lot and even matured (a little). Cyclone still deals with many of those clients who helped Cyclone grow during it’s fledgling years. Fortunately, positive demands from clients have subsequently led to the setting up of four divisions – Cyclone International, Cyclone Archive and Cyclone Shredding

Cyclone also has Two off shoot companies – Lab Document and Data Management and a pay as you go offering called Clickacourier.

In 2013 Cyclone entered yet another new venture, 2Flow, a fulfillment company specialising in storage and distribution. 

We’ll get in touch in another 25 years and let you know how it all worked out…………………………

Kevin Oliver

Managing Director

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