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Going that Extra Step


Here at Cyclone we have been in the courier business for 24 years, we started out as the first push-bike courier service in Dublin.  We now have national and international courier sevices as well as the first online, pre-pay courier service, which we feel will be of particular value to small and startup companies.

Our logistical services are growing, such that we hope to announce a service aimed specifically at online startups and ecommerce sites.  But just a quick mention of our value add services in the courier area.

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Click a Courier - Online Service

A New Way to do Businessclick a courier


For some time we had been aware that a very large and important segment of the courier market had largely been ignored. Courier firms tended to target companies who operated on a large scale contract basis. Nobody really cared about smaller firms or people who simply needed a delivery from time to time – nobody except us.

We decided that we would provide a solution for the many people who wanted a reliable service without the administration associated with operating a credit account. So, in February 2011, we launched a new website called Our goal was to create a fast, dependable service where customers could book & pay online. In addition customers would receive a VAT receipt and confirmation of delivery without having to make a single phone call. The system would treat every customer the same – whether large or small.

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