Growing Our Shredding Services

More Shredding Trucks for 2012

Cyclone Shredding celebrates growth with the purchase of a brand new mobile shredding truck. 2011, while a challenging year has been a year worthy of celebration at Cyclone Shredding.

In the 7 years since we started the business we have had great sucess convincing business and government bodies that Cyclone Shredding are the best of the available options in the Irish market place.

As a result we have won serveral large government & private contracts and as a result have invested in our third state of the art mobile shredding truck.

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On-site vs Off-site Shredding

Protection of Information


Risks of Off-site Shredding

Document security experts suggest that organisations using off-site shredding services face increased risk and liability by severing the chain-of-custody when disposing of confidential information.

When private information is taken off- site for destruction, confidential materials may be handled by multiple parties out of sight of the source organisation, thus leaving that organisation vulnerable to error and fraud that may result in irreversible damage.

Benefits of On-site Shredding

Onsite shredding is now internationally recognised as the most secure method available for confidentially destroying your organisations waste paperwork.

Cyclone Shredding's ISO certified on-site system procedures reduce these risks and drawbacks by ensuring all confidential materials are destroyed on your premises by trained, confidential shredding professionals in our our state-of-the art mobile shredding trucks.

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Reasons to Shred


If you hate your office shredder you'll love us!

Shredding your company's sensitive information is more than simply a good business practice - it’s the law.

Data protection laws have been created to hold companies to account when confidential employee or customer information is not protected and disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Any private or public company that maintains personal consumer information or utilizes consumer reports, payroll, financial statements, or health records are now legally obligated to ensure their confidential data is disposed of in such away that safeguards.

At Cyclone Shredding, primary objective is the secure destruction of your confidential documents and ultimately the protection of your business.

While shredding protects the identity of your clients, product shredding protects the identity of your brand. The resale of discarded products has become commonplace, and your companies’ image and identity is at risk when its products are resold by counterfeiters. Carelessly discarded packaging materials also pose a threat to your company, as unethical third parties can fill your packaging materials with a sub par product and resell it, destroying your brand.

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10 Simple Tips to Protect Against Identity Theft

Information Security for You and Your Business



Don’t share any business/personal information unless you are certain that it is safe to do so, especially bank  account numbers, PPS numbers and DOB's.


If the bills don’t arrive on time, contact the creditors. Keep your credit card account information in a secure place so that you can act quickly by canceling all accounts if your wallet is stolen.

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Cyclone Shredding Saves Over 21,000 Trees

Saving the Environment One Tree at a Time


Since January 2011 Cyclone Shredding have confidentially destroyed & recycled  over 1,000 tons of paper!! That's the equivalent to a staggering 21,000 trees saved through our confidential shredding & recycling efforts.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers for valuing our services and realising the importance of document & information security in your business.

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